Banana Bread with Dried Cranberries and Chocolate Chips


Recipe by fotog foodie (a blog), Photos by Priscillakittycat

Recipe by fotog foodie (a blog), Photos by Priscillakittycat

Our neighbor (Juancho) planted a banana tree in our backyard several years ago.  You should know that a banana tree bears fruit only once.  While it grows smaller sprouts come up and these give rise to new trees…and more bananas.  Needless to say we have enough bananas to make a community of monkeys very happy.  Us monkeys can’t keep up with the banana harvests.

Fotog foodie’s blog came to the rescue.  The Blog author says she has made this version of banana bread at least 100 times.  At the rate our bananas grow, I will soon catch up to fotog foodie.

I probably should stop baking these “walk-by” foods.  Everytime you walk through our kitchen and see a porcelean plate that has a dishtowel draped over it, you can bet there’s a treat underneath.  You wonder what it is, lift the towel and smile.  You slice off a piece and walk to the TV…and catch the rest of the Heat Game…then you walk back for another slice…No one goes to bed feeling guilty because they’re all convinced it’s mostly healthy stuff:  bananas, cranberries, chocoloate and brown sugar.

There are variations.  You can add or subtract the cranberries or chocolate chips, for example.

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