2020 ~ Ain’t Life Grand

Photo by Priscillakittycat

The New Year began well.  My white dress (white is the color of choice for Brazilians to welcome a new year) zipped all the way up and I could still breath.  We had a delicious Paella (made by mom) for dinner on New Year’s Eve, in the company of family and close friends.  And on New Year’s Day we awakened to a gorgeous clear, cloudless blue sky and soothing breeze.  All the Florida birds were out on the calm water, including a pretty Pelican scooping up his first meal of 2020.

There were three lovely desserts on the table when I came downstairs for breakfast.  Party hats and confetti strewn about.  I could have cut a slice of each dessert and sat on the couch to savor them while the others slept…but I resisted the urge and pulled open the refrigerator door…then the produce drawer.  The chocolate cake came to mind for a brief second.  Ginger, strawberries, passion fruit, carrots, celery, raspberries, blueberries and water all into the Magic Bullet.  It’s all about first impressions.  On the first of the year, I want to make a good first impression for my stomach.  Here you go, my friend.  A healthy treat for you.

Hope 2020 is like this.  Self care.  Small victories.  No rush.

2020 começou bem.  O vestido branco abotoou e ainda pude respirar toda a noite.  Jantamos (uma Paella deliciosa feita pela mãe) entre amigos e familia.  Um ar de paz e amor.

Miami amanheceu com o céu azul mais bonito como se quizesse dizer…estou aqui para recompensar por todos os dias de chuva que vieram antes.  As aves nativas da Flórida sobrevoando as aguas calmas.  Apareceu um pelicano para a sua primeira pesca do ano.

Desci para tomar o café.  Na mesa encontrei três sobremesas.  Quase me entregei ante a tentação…mas ao inves disso abri a gaveta da geladeira.  Amora, morango, gengibre, aipo, maracujá, cenoura e agua…coloquei tudo na Magic Bullet.  Ahhh, consegui.

Que 2020 seja assim…Um ano simples, tranquilo e de pequenos desafios.

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