It’s all about the “U”. Cookies para…”U”.


Cookies And Icing… I’ll share the recipes later. Photo by Priscillakittycat.

Waiting on a plane for this flight to the Bahamas to take off.  Thought I’d share these with you…cookies I made for our students last weekend. It’s all about the “U”!

Estou dentro do avião aguardando a partida para as Bahamas.  Enquanto esperamos a decolagem do jatinho Embraer compartilho com voces estes cookies que fiz para os nossos alunos. (Eles estiverem em residência na semana passada)

On Papaya Cream and Hugs ~ Crème de Papaya e um Abraço

Papayas from our yard, Photos by Priscillakittycat

Papayas from our yard, Photos by Priscillakittycat


I bow to the beauty and bounty of nature and the blessings of life.  It is from the ground that we receive our nourishment, from the sun that we receive warmth and…from the special people in our lives we accept hugs to calm our fears.  This month marks my ninth year as a volunteer Wish Granter for the Make a Wish Foundation.  Nine must be my lucky number.

A few days ago I went to visit my “Chunky Monkey” (his nickname).  He’s nine years old and will soon celebrate his 10th year of life.  He says of his approaching birthday, “I’ll be in the double digits”.  When I come to visit, he’s waiting at the door.  With his arms stretched…he motions his hands forward for me to come in for a hug.  He hugs my wish partner with the same enthusiasm and begins to tells us about his wish.  We look at pictures and at the toys he received while he was on the trip…while he indulges in pizza, cheese sticks and spicy wings (he loves spicy wings).  We have something in common– a love for food.  He shows us his light saber and the moves he learned during Jedi training.  I never thought I would have a favorite wish child but the boy who is witty and smart has won my heart.

What do my Chunky Monkey and Papaya Cream have in common?  Well, they both make me really happy deep inside and they also remind me that nature gives rise to all forms of beauty.  There is the papaya fruit that gives rise to a lovely cream…And there are two people who meet by chance, fall in love and create a beautiful being whose hugs remind me what life is all about.  Happy Birthday, little Jedi!  May you be healthy and may you live as long as the Master Jedi.