Brazilian Cherries ~ Pitanga

Pitanga verde Pitanga madura

In Portuguese they are called Pitanga.  In English they are referred to as Brazilian Cherries or Suriname Cherries.  The bushes that produce these anti-oxidant loaded cherries are very resistant to disease.  They are often used as hedges and can grow quite tall.  When we were in high school, the public library as well as public tennis courts used these bushes as hedges.  During the hot summer months (July and August) we could play tennis and go to the library…and then pick Suriname Cherries.  It seems like people in the U.S. don’t eat these cherries, quite possibly because they don’t know what they are.

I planted a few seeds in different pots…then transferred the young plants to the ground…and they’ve become lovely large bushes.  The unripe cherries are green.  As the fruit ripens the color transitions from orange to red.  The deeper the red, the more sweet the fruit.  I usually like tangy fruits, but in this instance I prefer the very ripe, deep red and extremely sweet fruit.


Essa frutinha é muito gostosa. Nos Estados Unidos usam a planta para fazer cerca.  Aqui em casa plantei varias mudas que agora estão grandes.  A fruta madura é vermelha.  Quanto mais vermelha, mais doce.

As Olimpíadas do Rio estão uma beleza.  O tênis masculino e o feminino foram emocionantes.  No futebol o Brasil tem o Tite.  Parece que o Tite acertou na escalação porque o Brasil ainda esta nas Olimpíadas.  O Honduras não vai ser problema.  Mas a Alemanha…