Pomegranate ~ Romã

Pomegranates fresh from the backyard.  Photos by Priscillakittycat

Pomegranates fresh from the backyard. Photos by Priscillakittycat



I can’t keep saying, “my favorite fruit is…” because they are all my favorite and I wouldn’t want you to think I’m waffling.  How about I just tell you the ones that top the list? Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Loquat (Níspero), Raspberries, Surinam Cherries (Pitanga), Papaya, Lemon, Tamarindo, Jaboticaba, and Pineapple.  You’ll notice that with the exception of Papaya, all the others are very tangy or acidic fruits.  When given the choice between a chocolate gelato or a lemon flavored one…nine times out of ten, I’ll choose the lemon.  I remember when we were kids, during the hot and dry summers of Alice, Texas, dad would take us to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  I always chose the Raspberry Sherbert or the Rainbow Sherbert.

The pomegranates you see in the picture come from the tree I planted in 2010.  Among the other trees that adorn our backyard…you guessed it–the majority are tangy fruits.  We have a Níspero tree that I planted by accident.  The tree grew out of a pot.  I thought it was an avocado tree and proudly showed the pot to my Spanish neighbor, Juancho.  He asked if I was sure that’s what I planted in the pot.  “Yes”, of course I’m sure.  He motioned for me to follow him through the yard to his Níspero (loquat) tree.  I burst out in laughter.  There was no doubt the leaves on my tree were those of a loquat, not an avocado tree.  (Juancho has both in his yard).  I must have tossed a seed or two in the pot after eating one of the fruits off his tree.  Excited that I had managed to accidentally plant an exotic tree, I transferred it to a sunny spot in the front yard.  Juancho expects I’ll have a tree full of loquat next year.  In the meantime, I pick-and-eat the fruits off his tree.


Ooops, agora que eu me dei conta…esqueci de traduzir os textos mais recentes para o Portugues.  Vou tirar um break e volto já com a tradução!


Não posso ficar dizendo, “minha fruta favorita é…” porque você vai pensar que sou indecisa.  É porque todas são boas!  A lista das favoritas:  Maracujá, Romã, Loquat, Amora, Pitanga, Mamão, Limão, Tamarindo, Jaboticaba, e Abacaxi. Com exeção ao Mamão todas estas frutas são acidas.  Se me fizer escolher entre um gelato de chocolate ou um de limão, eu escolho o de limão.

As romãs que você vê na foto vieram do quintal onde plantei uma variedade de árvores frutíferas.  Tenho até uma arvore de Níspero que plantei sem saber.  Pensei que era abacate mas quando o meu vizinho espanhol (Juancho) viu a muda, me disse logo que a muda não era de abacate.  Eu provavelmente jogei uma semente de Níspero no pote onde tambem tinha plantado o abacate.  O abacate não pegou, mas o níspero agarrou e agora é uma arvore linda.  O Juancho afirmou que no ano que vem teremos Níspero!