Bittersweet Chocolate-Truffle Tart with Candied Oranges

Recipe by Food & Wine Magazine, Photos by Priscilla Ferreira

Recipe by Food & Wine Magazine, Photo by Priscillakittycat

In Brasil we enjoy eating candied fruits.  When we have candied oranges we call it Doce de Laranja and just the skin is used.  The orange is peeled and the curls of peel are candied.  For this truffle I used high quality chocolate (Ghirardelli).  For the candied oranges your best bet is Valencia oranges.  “Magnifique” is all there is to say about the pairing of chocolate with the candied oranges.  I kept some oranges in their syrup to eat alone as a dessert.

There’s a good article about Brazilian Chef, Alex Atala, in the same issue (December 2013) where I found this recipe.  He’s owns some restaurants in Sao Paulo and is referred to in the article as:  “The Most Interesting Chef in the World”.  I like this!