Samba Lesson # 3 (part 1)

It has been a while since our last lesson.  You probably thought I gave up on teaching you how to dance the Samba.  I wouldn’t give up on you.  Remembee, I’m teaching you to dance because I love my heritage and want you to appreciate it as much as I do.  I also want you to see that dancing is no difficult.  It comes easier for some people but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

My apologies for the delays in posting the last part of Lesson 2 as well as Lessons 3 & 4.  When I recorded Lessons 3 and 4 I mention in one of the videos that my body was feeling a little heavy, maybe because I had just prepared and indulged in a large bowl of vegetable soup–will post this photo and recipe, too.  It turns out my craving for soup had more to do with my body saying: “I need this”.  Our bodies can tell us a lot if we just listen.  The day after I had the soup…and recorded Lessons 3 & 4…I was hit with a fever and a sore throat from hell.  I’ve had the flu for a week, thus the absence of posts.  I’d like to put in a plug for flu shots.  Get your flu shot every year.  This was the first year I didn’t get my shot…and the first year I come down with the flu.

Today my body says, “You need to move”.  As I write this post I’m prepping for our next Lesson….Lesson # 5.  Meanwhile, my mom is in the background saying I need to do something about the aweful cough.  I saw my doctor on Thursday and he said I’ll survive.  Last night I was  high on cough syrup and slept very well.  So the response to mama is:  “It’s time to Samba!”

Samba Lesson # 2 (part 2)

Demonios da Garoa (Demons of the Light Rain) is the oldest real band in existence that is still active.  They’ve been mentioned in the Guiness Book of records.  They formed in 1943 and were extremely popular in the 50s and 60s.  Unlike most of the bands we’ll feature in our lessons, Demonios da Garoa is a band whose music describes the lives of Paulistsas, people from Sao Paulo.  The people described in their songs are the corrupt Portuguese of Sao Paulo and mafiosos of Italian descent.  Sao Paulo has a huge italian population.  My aunt (mom’s sister) married an Italian…whose last name is Ferrari.  When I listen to Demonios da Garoa, I picture a good-looking guy with italian features, hair slicked back,  leaning against a wall, talking to his girl…telling her he can’t stay.