Holiday Orders

Photo by Priscilla Ferreira

Pumpkin Cheesecake – $28

Brigadeiro (Chocolate Truffles) - $45 for 50 pieces.

Brigadeiro – $45 (50 pieces)

Rocambole - $45

Rocambole – $40

Lemon Cheesecake (Low Fat) - $34

Lemon Cheesecake (Low Fat) – $30

Photo by Priscillakittycat

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon CheesecakeLemon Cheesecake

German Chocolate Cheesecake - $35

German Chocolate Cheesecake – $30

Banana Beignets - $20 (2 dozen)

Banana Beignets – $20 (2 dozen)


Mexican Wedding Cookies – $25 (2 dozen)


Item Descriptions 

~ Pumpkin Cheesecake – Made with real pumpkin, this silky cheesecake melts in your mouth.  The crunchy crust is made of gingersnap cookies and is perfect for the pumpkin-cheese filling.  An alternative to store-bought pies for Thanksgiving Dinner, your guests will love the sweet softness after a hearty dinner.  $28 (Serves 12)

~ Brigadeiro – These Brazilian treats are a hit at parties, both for adults and children.  Decorate your Christmas dinner table with them.  Turn your back for just a second and they’ll disappear from the table.  $45 (50 pieces)

~ Rocambole – A light and fluffy rolled chocolate cake, a condensed milk filling and the best chocolate topping you’ll ever taste!  A perfect treat for chocolate lovers and a way to impress your guests at your next party.  I baked this cake for some house guests recently and served them each a slice for dinner.  The next morning I found one of our guests at the breakfast table savoring a piece.  He said, “You caught me!”.  $40 (serves 16)

~ Lemon Cheesecake – This cheesecake is a sweet and almost tangy surprise for those who are watching their weight.  It’s made with low fat cream cheese and contains just 9 grams of fat.  Beautiful for brunch, baby/bridal showers or office parties.  Even better after heavy meals.  $30 (serves 16)

~German Chocolate Cheesecake – Another magnificent cake for chocolate-lovers.  Its lovely crust is made with pecans, graham crackers and coconut.  The high-quality semi-sweet chocolate filling is topped with an unforgettable combination of pecans and coconut.  Perfect for any occasion. $30 (serves 16)

~Banana Beignets – Pop one into your mouth and your memory will travel to the time when homemade foods were a part of every breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea.  Real bananas and cake flour are the ingredients that make these fried delicacies so special.  $20 (2 dozen)

~Mexican Wedding Cookies – Mexican Wedding Cookies, also known as Russian Tea Cookies, Pecan Balls or Snowballs, are made with pecans.  They have a delicate taste and melt in your mouth…so yummy!! $25 (2 dozen)

To order please call (305) 632 – 4427, cash only.  Discount when two or more items are ordered.

Free delivery to zip codes 33014, 33018, 33016
$5 delivery to zip codes 33172, 33054, 33056, 33055
$10 delivery to zip codes 33167, 33056, 33169, 33147, 33150, 33179, 33162, 33161, 33138, 33137


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