Christmas Cookies ~ Cookies de Natal

Photo by Priscillakittycat

Feeling a little blue tonight.  Long story.  Don’t worry.  It’s just a story. One good way to calm the heart and clear the mind is to bake.  The plan was to bake Christmas cookies next weekend.  The plan has changed, as most plans do.  Instead of having Christmas music in the background, Otis Redding is singing “These Arms of Mine”.  Yeah, it’s pretty bad.  I’ve already overcooked burned a batch of cookies while deep in thought.  Did you ever see the YouTube video for the song from Top Gun, “Take My Breath Away”?  I can’t decide which I like better- Tom Cruise or that bomber jacket he wears over a white t-shirt.  Remember the song, “If You Leave” from the band OMD? “Almost Paradise” by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson?  Madonna’s “Crazy for You”. “Sometimes when we touch” courtesy of Dan Hill.  Cheaptrick’s, “The Flame”.  Journey’s “Faithfully”.  Bon Jovi’s, “Never say Good bye”.  Cyndi Lauper with “All Through the Night”.  “I don’t want to talk about it”.  Thank you, Rod Stewart.

The mind can be quite creative when it comes to story-telling.  Have you ever stopped thinking to think about what you were thinking about?  The mind will take you in circles, if you allow it.  Good thing my made up stories usually have happy endings…when they don’t end in goodbye.  Goodbyes are my weakness.

Let’s make up more stories.  Eric Clapton helped me concoct this one.  You’ve surely heard the song…”Wonderful Tonight”.  He says, “I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed”.  Yes, gals.  This great revelation is for you.  He gives you his car keys and lets you drive.  That’s how a guy tells you he loves you.

Then the mind alerts me to a little problem with Eric Clapton’s song.  (You have to listen a few times to notice.) “I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed”.  This means she didn’t actually drive.  He gave her the keys after they were home.  Pay attention to your mind because the same way it got you to believe a story, it can also clarify misunderstandings and get you out of some serious binds.

How about we try to come up with a better story…while Kenny Loggins sings, “Meet me Halfway”.  Here goes:  An airplane high up in the sky…one person traveling to meet the other – halfway.  Oh, wait, that one has a crappy ending, too.

Alright, you’ve heard enough.  Let’s call it quits with Kenny Chesney’s, “You and Tequila”.  Too bad there’s no tequila tonight.  The only real things here are the cookies.

*Note-I wrote the English version of this post more than a week ago.  Sometimes it takes a while to translate, choose a photo and post.  Feelings come and go.  All is good now.  I’m cozy on the couch, the mind is calm…and helps me draft the Portuguese version.

Estou meio triste.  Tudo começou com um adeus.  Nesta época do ano a gente se despede do ano que passou e as vezes das pessoas que fizeram parte de nossas vidas por uma temporada.  Gosto da época das festas mas penso que esqueçemos o propósito do Natal.  Aqui nos Estados Unidos é uma correria.  Você vai no shopping e as pessoas estão estressadas, brigando por vaga no estacionamento, pela ultima camisa tamanho “medium”.  Compra aquilo. Quero aquele. Quero mais. Ta faltando.  Você fez errado.  Estou cansado.

Não seria melhor ficar em casa com a familia e os amigos, conversando, rindo, bebendo todas…ao inves de se acabar para fazer tudo parecer perfeitinho? (Igual nos filmes Americanos)

Resolvi escutar musica de Natal…mas lembrei de uma outra musica e coloquei para tocar.  Virou sessão de musicas antigas. Bem antigas.  Começou com o Otis Redding cantando, “These Arms of Mine”, seguido por “Almost Paradise” de Mike Reno e Ann Wilson.  Você conhece, “Crazy for You” da Madonna?  “All Through the Night” da Cyndi Lauper?  Pois é…a situação não ésta boa.  Já assistiu o clip da musica “Take My Breath Away” do filme “Top Gun”?  Se não, devia assistir no Youtube.  Uma das minhas favoritas…“Wonderful Tonight” do cantor Eric Clapton.

Dificil descrever a sequencia de pensamentos que vem depois de ouvir todas essas musicas.  Geralmente as historias que invento tem finais felizes.  Desta vez complicou.  Melhor a gente fazer uns cookies de Natal.

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