Loquat ~ Nêspera

Photo by priscillakittycat,

Photos by Priscillakittycat,


I really wanted an Avocado Tree.  So I planted an avocado seed in a pot and waited.   When the plant in the pot was about two feet high, I called over my neighbor, Juancho, and proudly showed him this latest success.  Juancho is a Spaniard who grows all sorts of cool stuff in his yard.  He looked at the avocado tree and chuckled.  My avocado tree, he said, was not an avocado.  He suggested it might be Níspero.  (The English word is Loquat.)

I’m a little stubborn sometimes.  “Nooooo”, I insited.  “It’s an avocado tree.  I planted an avocado seed in that pot.”  Juancho motioned for me to follow him.  We went to his backyard and stopped in front of his loquat tree.  He snapped off one of the leaves.  It had the same features as those of the new plant.  We laughed about it because it wasn’t the first time I thought I planted something that turned out to be something else.

Another surprise came this week. Finally, after two years the now very tall and mature loquat tree will bear fruit. When I saw the sprouting buds I squealed like a baby pig.  Nature is amazing.  In case you didn’t know it, loquat is an exotic fruit that originated in Asia-either Japan or China.  They’re called Japanese Plum or Chinese Plum and are absolutely delicious.

Tenho que rir quando vejo a arvore de nêspera no quintal.  Eu jurava que tinha plantado uma semente de abacate no pote.  Quando a semente brotou eu chamei meu vizinho, Juancho, para ver a muda de abacate.  Ele entende sobre as plantas e gosta de plantar.  O Juancho deu uma olhada na planta e disse que não era abacate.

“Claro que é!” foi a minha resposta.  O meu vizinho, com aquele paciência, me pegou pelo braço e me levou para o quintal dele.  Ele parou em frente a arvore de nêspera e rancou uma folha.  Era igualzinha as folhas da muda que estava no pote. Então, o abacate virou nêspera.  (De vez em quando planto semente no pote e esqueço o que era.)  A nêspera é uma fruta exotica, original da China e do Japão.  Tem um sabor muito bom.  A fruta bem madura é doce enquanto a verde tem um gostinho meio amargo.  Adoro!  Logo, logo a mudinha que agora é arvore vai dar frutinhas.

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