Italy and Portugal Have Something in Common ~ Algo em Comum Entre o Portugal e a Itália

Photos by Priscillakittycat

Photos by Priscillakittycat

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Let’s agree that when it comes to food, Italy and Portugal have fabulous cuisine.  I’m reminded of a mushroom frittata I tasted at a bed and breakfast in the north of Italy, in a small town named Mondovi, where you could see the snow-capped alps and France on the horizon.  Villa Favolosa was the name.  The place was a renovated old two-story farmhouse-type building.  The owner’s mom cooked for us. Breakfast was served on the courtyard porch on a long wooden table with rustic plates, silverware and linens.  (Alps in the background) Homemade cake, real butter, homemade jam…and a fine truffle frittata.

The word frittata is Italian and the dish is purely Italian. It’s Italy’s version of an open-faced omelette.  I’ve been searching for a recipe that could fill the truffle frittata void and finally found one.  Before testing this recipe, you must purchase a frittata pan.  You’ll have a disaster on your hands if you stick your regular frying pan that has a plastic handle in the oven on the broil setting.

Side note-a family friend is leaned against the door observing me while I type.  He’s asking me why I’m sitting inside the closet. I give him the short version–“router issues”.  He remarks, “I don’t know which is worse; the situation or your laptop.”   I suggest he read my blog for more laughs.

A truffle isn’t something you can find in Miami but we have mushrooms.  So let’s get ready to improvise.


Em poucas semanas farei uma viagem ao Portugal e a Itália.  Sem dúvida, estes dois países tem uma culinária fabulosa.  Não vejo a hora de poder provar um pouco de tudo durante a viagem.  Uma coisa que eu sempre lembro é a frittata que comi num B & B, numa cidade pequena chamada Mondovi, no norte da Itália.  O B & B tinha um estilo rustico mas ao mesmo tempo elegante.  Os donos capricharam na decoração do pequeno prédio antigo.

A mãe do dono era quem cozinhava para os hóspedes.  Depois que voltei para Miami eu tentei muitas vezes fazer uma frittata igual, mas não consegui.  Recentemente (e até que em fim) encontrei uma receita que chega aos pés da Frittata do B & B, Villa Favolosa.

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