Samba Lesson # 1 (continued)

Martinho da Vila’s music is being played in the background for both parts of Lesson 1.  His voice and the stories he tells are lovely.  He is associated with the Samba School Vila Isabel.  One of the song titles is: “Quando Essa Onda Passar”.  The song talks about the Favelas –the poorest neighborhoods that usually have the best views in Rio, right on the mountainside, overlooking the ocean.  The title of the song means:  “When this wave passes.”  Martinho is saying that when things get better in the Favelas he wants to take us there.  He wants us to be able to visit someday to see the beauty of the favelas.  He talks about things you can see in the favelas…like you can watch a fireworks show from the door of a small shop or you can see the beauty of the city (Rio) from the hilltop.

The other song you hear in Lesson 1 is “Aquarela do Brasil”.  The song describes the entire country’s landscape and culture state by state.  (All the special things about Brasil).  It’s a good song to learn to dance with because it has a slower beat.

The first lesson is simple.  But you really need to practice before you can move on to the next lesson.  Master it!

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